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ZILLIOX began as a duo performing trip-hop covers, chill latin grooves, and downtempo originals at local wineries and hip bistros, earning a dedicated following and substantial play on regional radio. However, at the beginning of 2020 they headed into the studio to focus on their original material. ZILLIOX released 9 new tracks during 2022 and will continue a similar production schedule in 2023. They specialize in downtempo, chill, trip-hop inspired, modern lounge music featuring female vocals, synth textures, dark themes, FX, and orchestral elements. All song are released along with high quality music videos and related content on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


ZILLIOX is proud to have their songs You're Silent and Nobody Saw included in the popular curated playlist "Trip Hop 2022: Best New Music" as well as "Kona 5" and "Trip Hop/Sexy Vibes/Late Night Beats" on Spotify and to to be producing the theme music for the podcast "Album Divers".

Kurt Gustafson (BMI)  Marie Noorani (BMI)

Location: Southeastern Washington

Genre: Downtempo, Chill, Trip Hop, Electronica 

Years Active: 2015 - Present

Publisher: Kumar Publishing (BMI)

Label: Gustani Recording Company

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